PEOPLE: Ebonie Smith x Making Women Music Producers VISIBLE

Happy Women’s History Month - This month, we want to spotlight women changing the narrative within the music industry: 

First up is Ebonie Smith, @eboniesmithmusic: Ebonie is an award-winning music producer, audio engineer and singer-songwriter. More importantly, she is also the CEO and Founder of Gender Amplified.

GENDER AMPLIFIED: Making Women Music Producers Prominent and VISIBLE

Gender Amplified, @genderamplified, is a non-profit organization celebrating and supporting women and girls in music production. Their aim is “to celebrate women music producers, raise their visibility and develop a pipeline for girls and young women to get involved behind the scenes in recording studios.” The women at Gender Amplified are constantly researching and sharing statistics and trends within the music business to understand and highlight women’s secondary status within this industry. When visiting their website, you learn that the ratio of male to female producers is 49 to 1! This is the disparity Ebonie Smith and the team at Gender Amplified are working to correct.

In a recent Billboard article, Ebonie states, “education and mentorship are integral to the development of women producers. And the importance of safe spaces where girls and women can learn about music production is critical.” Gender Amplified provides safe spaces and events for women and girls to network, learn, find motivation and create. Gender Amplified also empowers women by incorporating STEAM (Science, technology, ART, engineering and mathematics) into the programs, teaching women music producers how to utilize their technical skills for success in other professions as well.

There are ways you can become involved with Gender Amplified! There are opportunities to mentor, volunteer, and even provide a safe space by becoming a studio partner and offering studio time. Visit their website to learn more about this wonderful organization and the women producers they are uplifting.