Today, our President Barack Obama gave his farewell speech and this is one goodbye we don't want to live.

 President Barack Obama & First Lady Michelle Obama

President Barack Obama & First Lady Michelle Obama

Dear President Barack Obama,

Since your electoral campaign in 2008, you have won us over with your charm, confidence, intelligence and beautiful family. I was a black girl from Portland, OR who didn't know too much about politics but understood right from wrong and many before you were wrong. You graced our televisions and captivated us with hope. You were and remain the millennials version of Dr. Martin Luther King.

You won and it shocked the world. You, a black man from Chicago, became our 44th President of the United States. I bought a bright pink shirt with your face on it to express my approval and wore until it was too tight at the shoulders. Our parents and grandparents feared for your life because they grew up during a time when your inauguration would have been impossible. We knew you were going to stir up the country so we [the milennials] felt secure. 

That's exactly what you did for us; provided a sense of security as if you were our father guiding us during our first steps. You were there when I started high school and you stayed until I finished college. We've grown with your daughters and we've become healthier at the will of your wife, our First Lady. You've maintained your reputation, even when pest tried to belittle you, and you weren't the stereotypical Presidential puppet.

We know you did everything you could to make this country, and the world, a bit more pleasant to live in and again, we thank you. You were everything they didn't expect and exactly what we needed for the past eight years. We thank you because you did it for the Dream, you did it for the culture and you did it for our country. You will forever hold honor.

We hate to see you go, it is a strong word, but we will never forget your actions while holding leadership!


You're grateful now nervous fellow Americans.


Change is good, right?