PEOPLE: Deddeh Howard

 "It's not going against them — nothing negative," she clarified. "It's an awareness. These models should agree and take action. It's not about them or me. We need to change things, move forward. I'm not saying I'm more beautiful than them, I'm just saying if they can do it, I can do it." - Deddeh Howard

Deddeh Howard just woke the industry up with the reveal of her recreation photo shoot inspired by celebrity models and brands!

Deddeh goal [is] to bring awareness to the fashion and beauty industry by physically stating black women, and minority women in general, can do it too! The shoot features campaigns from Gucci, Chanel and Vivara to name a few. 

Deddeh wasn't in on this alone as she had help from her boyfriend/photographer Raffael Dickreuter who helped her perfect almost every detail within each take.

It's unfortunate that the model had to literally mirror pic these ad in order to prove a point, however, it appears to have work according to a recent interview with Deddeh Howard and the Cosmopolitan.