ART: CJ Hendry came to SLAY the ART Culture

A gifted Australian artist, CJ Hendry, hits one of New York's prime neighborhood and sets up shop with her extraordinary art installation, The Trophy Room, from November 4-20th on 79 Greene St. in SoHo.

On display, are a few of the most valued materialistic items within humanity propped atop plinth bases, created by IN.SEK, sketched out by CJ Hendry, 26, using Pigma Micron & uni pins: pure talent.

 Quay x CJ Hendry The Trophy Room Installation

Quay x CJ Hendry The Trophy Room Installation

The collection of realistic sketches consists of a Birkin bag, Christian Louboutin's, the rubber ducky, a NY Yankees hat, a playstation control, a skateboard, a classic Coca Cola bottle, a rubik's cube, a dildo, a Chanel No.5 perfume bottle, a barbie physique, a Starbucks cup, the lego man, a pair of Converse sneaker, Levi denim, Dr. Beat's, a Coco Chanel purse, Mr. Potato head and more. Each image  was inspired by the real object which were sent to be bronzed months prior and also on display upon entering the Pop Up gallery:

With hardly any words left to further describe the work of CJ Hendry, you have to go see it yourself. The pieces are truly amazing and incomparable. 

Why are you still sitting there? Make your trip to SoHo NOW!

 CJ Hendry, @cj_hendry |  The Trophy Room

CJ Hendry, @cj_hendry | The Trophy Room