We've been to all types of presentations this season for NYFW but never have we ever watched a presentation on a school bus! AMEHL took way back to brown paper bag lunches and night school, no seriously!

Amanda Mehl, the Brazilian/Israeli designer of AMEHL, picked up show attendees on the corner of Washington and Leroy in New York on February 13th where she revealed 'NIGHT SCHOOL,' her AW17 collection. The collection features alternative fashion pieces, mix media ensembles, patent black material, sparkly coats and just some sh*t you have to see!

We HAD to support Ziggy Mack Johnson as he walked the show but we really to figure out HOW this school bus was going to play its part. Upon entry, guests received a brown sack lunch that contained mini pb & j halves, a crisp apple and a mini juice box; we LIVED for the concept! 

The show commenced shortly after 7pm but not without antics from a 'grouchy' school bus driver who referred to guests as kids. He played the role well as he shouted out, "No smoking in the back!" and "You kids better sit down!"

Lights begin to flash and the show was ON! Check our favorite looks below:

AMEHL's NIGHT SCHOOL collection is for the bad a**es who skipped class to hit up the nickel arcade or the mall (we've been there!) Or for the daring souls who are tired of giving too many f*cks; gon' head baddie! 

  Amanda Mehl , @amehlnyc 

Amanda Mehl, @amehlnyc 

Amehl is the fashion label of contemporary interdisciplinary artist Amanda Mehl. Amanda combines her art background and fashion industry experience to create a unique collection that is progressive, creative, and experimental while remaining very wearable.


Shop AMEHL now and await this collection so you can be the top of your class this fall!