BEAUTY: 3 Signs your Protective Style isn’t a Protective Style


Maintaining your natural hair may be time consuming so, we turn to protective styling. Whether it is braids, marley twists, feed in braids, or wigs, they serve as an excellent way to protect the hair and give you a little break from styling everyday. However, it is not considered a protective style if it is not protecting your hair. Here are some signs your protective style is doing more harm then good:

Itchy Scalp:

Having an itchy scalp while wearing braids, or Marley twists are very common. You may experience an itchy scalp due to the chemical coating on synthetic braiding hair called Alkaline. Many people are allergic to this chemical and it causes inflammation and itchiness to the scalp. So instead of taking out all of your braids because of that undying itch, before you install you braids, soak the synthetic hair in Apple Cider vinegar to illuminate that chemical coating.

Tightness and Pulling of the Edges

Almost everyone who has had cornrows or braids experienced some kind of tightness or pulling especially on the edges. There are so many horror stories ounline of people who have suffered from traction alopecia due to tightness of braids or twists. To avoid this problem, notify your hair stylist to ease up on your edges and leave them out. If you already have the braids installed and they are tight, run your braids under hot water to try and loosen them


Just because your hair is in a protective style doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be taking care of your own hair under it. Moisturize just as often. If you go weeks or months without moisturizing your hair under braids or a wig it will get dry and brittle and this can lead to breakage. In order to avoid this problem, take a spray bottle, mix it with water, an essential oil of your choice, and your favorite leave in conditioner. Spray this on your style every three to four days; massage it in and your good to go!