INTERVIEW: Justin Love to headlines 'Sol Village' show at SOBs

Quay sat down with the triple threat, Justin Love, to talk music, him headlining SOBs 'Sol Village,' New Jersey and most importantly, his upcoming project 'When Love Returns.'

New Jersey's gem, Justin Love, is a singer, songwriter AND producer who has been in tune with his musical abilities since the age of 5. Fast forward to today, he is set to headline SOBs long running R&B showcase, 'Sol Village.' 

We've watched Justin rise into recognition on Instagram, croon to our souls with his original work, speak to us through the his writing for others and looking forward to his upcoming project, 'When Love Returns.'

Watch the full interview below to learn more about Justin Love as an individual and an artist:

Recorded at: Vinyl Crown in NYC
Recorded by: Kid Flvsh