HAIR: Yeluchi Brings Hair Services to the Homes of WOC

As a black woman in New York City, sometimes the biggest task is getting your hair done. Granted, Flatbush is cool and all, but you're going to really be trying your luck walking into the strip of saturated of African Hair Braiding shops and Dominican hair salons. What happens to those days when your in between hairstyles don't make the cut for the walk of shame to the salon? Or when about five fro-girls are ahead of you in line to get their hair done?

Antonia and Abigail Opiah are sisters that started Yeluchi by Un-ruly, a hairstyling service that caters to black women in the comfort of their own homes. Customers can choose from a range of protective styles with affordable prices starting as low as $50. Licensed and experienced hair stylists pull up to your home and give you the do of your desire -- it's that easy.

We asked the Yeluchi women a few questions about hair and why they started this special service:

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When did you start Yeluchi by Unruly? Why did you feel like it was needed?

We started Yeluchi by Un-ruly in August 2016 and we launched it because we needed it ourselves. I, personally, find myself too often struggling to find time to do my hair or go out to get it done, and I found myself thinking one day, that it would be great to have a stylist at my home while I’m getting work done.

What sets at-home hair services apart from the rest?

At-home hair services are great and great for Black women in particular because there’s not only a convenience factor but comfort is also a huge factor when a lot of the hairstyles Black women wear can take hours to do. Sitting down to get box braids for 4 - 8 hours doesn’t seem so daunting when you’re in your own home, with your own Netflix and food.

We don't want to leave the fellas out -- Do you also provide hairstyling services for men?

Right now we’re focused on ladies but we have had a few male customers who needed to get cornrows done. 

Your team sounds like the superwomen of hair care. What's one beauty/hair tip your customers can take away from your service?

I think one of the most important tips that I personally keep in mind is to be realistic about what you want from your hair and what you’re willing to do to have that. Certain hairstyles have certain lifestyle implications and if you’re not willing or able to integrate them into your life you’re not going to get the desired result. Also, in this DIY culture, it’s okay to ask for help. I love, love, LOVE Youtube for the wealth of information that it is. But everyone needs a helping hand sometime, so it’s good to know when to turn to a professional.

With a business catering to crowing women to look/feel their best, what was your happiest customer moment?

I think anytime we get a customer that’s booking one of our stylists for a reason other than the convenience, it’s always very affirming that we really are creating something of value. For example, we have customers that are bed ridden that don’t have going to the salon as an option.

How can we make a booking with Yeluchi?

It’s easy! Visit; choose a style; choose a date and time; and get ready to let one of our stylists work their magic!