Jazze Belle, a Harlem-based duo comprised of singer-songwriter Taylor Simone (@taylorsimonemusic) and producer Jett Carter (@fotosbyjett), have created the music to help you DREAM RADICALLY! Their EP 'Go to Bed Standing Up' is a melodic, electro-neosoul, mind-awakening body of work that calls you to elevate yourself. The lyrics explore the binary existence of feeling anxious and free, doubtful and faithful, paralyzed and purposeful. Queen Godis (a poet, artistic director and Performing Arts Therapist) stated that if “black magic music” were a genre, Jazze Belle would be leading the young artists on that list, and we could not agree more! 

Jazze Belle (@jazzebellemusic), whose name is inspired by Outkast’s song “Jazzy Belle”, have given their dreams wings, completing their first extensive tour across the North East and Mid-West in 2017 and releasing their first visual ever for their song “Possibly.”  In an interview with Lincoln Center’s The Score, Taylor speaks on dreaming radically. She states:

"Just thinking about the lineage of jazz, of black people in general, we've always had to dream. We've always had to dream radically. Stuff that we probably wouldn't live to see. And that's the only reason that I'm out here doing this stuff, because somebody—my great-great whatever—was like, we're going to dream of freedom. We're going to dream that we won't get hung anymore. Dreaming is so necessary."

Dreaming radically did not come without its obstacles for the soulful duo. Prior to working on 'Go To Bed Standing Up,' Jazze Belle had completed an EP that was mixed and ready to be mastered. During that time, they were moving a lot promoting themselves, and Jett’s laptop with all the music was lost. Taylor’s laptop had also died from a beer accident at a party the week prior, leaving the group without equipment to make music. With the support of their local friends, artists and strangers, they were able to raise money for a new computer. In 'Go To Bed Standing Up,' these two artists strive to answer the questions:

-“What Happens When You Become Your Dream? 

-What are the steps and what is it?

-What do you feel like? And how do you get there?  

Our favorite song off the EP is the sweet, hopeful “Everyday’s Tomorrow” where Taylor sings with vulnerability: “Feeling hurt/ not by love/ but a prospect of a lost dream.” 

Here's there 4-song EP “Go To Bed Standing Up:"