ART: Mieyoshi - Womanism through Colors

Artwork is one of the main outlets creatives have used to express themselves and to share their opinions with the expanding global society. Meet Mieyoshi (@spanknoirverymuch), a 21 year old student at the Pratt Institute who is using art not only as a method of self expression, but to challenge convention in the art realm!

I came across Mieyoshi’s artwork on Instagram and was mesmerized by the depth of her paintings. I had no choice but to speak with her and learn more about her creative process and what motivates her to paint:

Naomi: When you're painting, what's your process? Where do you begin?

MieyoshiThe first thing I do is think about colors; colors based on how I feel. Colors represent my mood and are the start of my visual process. I paint one color representing how I want to feel, then I select another color that I connect with the first color, and paint over it in a pattern of lines that explain how I feel. Colors and patterns are always what I paint first and the foundation into figuring out what or who I'm going to paint over it.

Naomi: What subject matter has inspired your artwork ?

Mieyoshi: People and situations that I experience in my life are what inspire my art; I'm never sure of when or what moment will spark inspiration. At this point in life, the energy of my friends and love heavily influence the context of my paintings. I'm a lover and I love my friends so much. My best friends bring so much happiness, good vibes, and magical love into my life. I appreciate when I meet honest, loving, and chill people; I cherish true friendships. Most of my paintings now are of the people often around me and cool people I spontaneously meet and bond with. The feelings I get from my friends, the feelings of self-love, or just pure love really inspires my work.

Naomi: For every artist, they do what they do for a reason. Why do you paint?

Mieyoshi: The simple and main reason I paint is that I need it to breathe. Painting literally makes me feel complete and is the only thing I have that truly makes me happy. Making art literally saved my life. From a young age, I always found sanctuary in painting. Painting is my love and creating art is what I want to do for the rest of my life. Art has manifested into a meditative tool that I use to empower myself and get through the days; it lets me be calm, happy, and allows me to exhale. Also, I just love painting Black people, especially in relation to womanism. Black people are beautiful, and I rarely see people of color, specifically women of color, portrayed in art whenever I walk into the top museums and galleries around the world. Because of the lack of diversity in art, it's necessary to paint more of them.

Naomi: What do you want people to get from your artwork? What do you hope to portray through your artwork ?

Mieyoshi: My paintings serve as a visual autobiography so to speak. Painting empowers me and I want people to have the feelings that I get while painting them, which is love and empowerment. Even if viewers of my art don't know or understand the subject matter, I want them to feel or see the feelings of love and power that I try to portray.  I want my paintings to make people smile, or at the least, just feel.