STYLE: Girl Strike orders a REVOLT!

We are in a weird social time, no doubt necessary, but GIRL STRIKE through out the flags and has called a REVOLT with the release of their third collection!

The REVOLT collection is dark, daring and all-out baddass; it's time to be the leader of the pack! 

From cross body leather, thigh and arm harnesses, sleeved choker's, original choker's and body chains, Girl Strike has a variety for the rebel in you - boy or girl. The color-ways are black, white, grey and chrome which goes for easy pairing and styling this season and the next. How will you slay?

It's time to step up your game and shop GIRL STRIKE, if you're ready to reject social standards, slay without an effort and support an accessory line made by hand with YOU in mind.

While you shop, be sure to checkout Girl Strike's initiative partnership with Cleopatra's Army (by @CleopatraLee) to donate funds and supplies for women's hygiene products through the country. This is the result of #GirlBosses linking up to change the world!

How will you REVOLT? We got the answers from Tas Yasmine, creator behind the badass brand, herself:

What influenced the REVOLT collection?
While creating revolt I really wanted to push the boundaries which in turn pushed me creatively.
Since the start of Girl Strike, what are two lessons you've learned professionally and personally?
I've learned 2 really important lessons while building my personal brand and Girl Strike
1. Nothing great happens from comfort zones.  Pushing yourself to be uncomfortable breeds great results emotionally, socially and creatively.
2. Confidence in yourself and brand is important. If you don't portray your brand as being the shit then people will won't believe your brand is worth investing time and money in.
What is your opinion on our current times, socially and culturally?
Right now, I feel like our generation is the best because we don't take anyone's shit. Right now there is a lot more acceptance across cultures, nationalities, sexuality etc... there is still ALOT of room for growth but people now are highly vocal about what they think isn't right. I continually see my peers evolving into better human beings and helping people on our journey.
How are you making an impact within your generation?
I'm impacting society by just being authentically myself, encouraging others to do the same while using my platform to inspire  people in turn do the same.
Should we all just REVOLT and say "F*ck it?"
We are already revolting! My peers and even the younger generations are standing up for themselves and what they believe in. I see a lot more people just being free and themselves and it is beautiful.

Brand, Girl Strike | @shopgirlstrike

Creator, Tash Yasmine | @tashyasmine

Visuals By: @dvn1b

Models: @nafeelighty, @kiarahagudo & @iamshanique