BEAUTY: Oye Shea Butter for the GLOW

I have never truly used shea butter until I was gifted with Oye Shea Butter at the top of March. I actually contemplated buying from the African men on the streets - New Yorkers know who I'm talking about - but someone else answered my prayers and this literally showed up on my door knob with a beautiful note!

Oye Shea Butter is more than just a product. It is organic and naturally made from Nigeria's finest Shea Nuts to renew, heal, and hydrate hair and skin. Oye Shea Butter job does not stop there. It stops split ends and promotes hair growth by rejuvenating your scalp. 

I wanted to use the product for a month before giving you my honest opinion, however, I did not take before and afters, nor was I even asked to do this review. That is exactly why I chose to do it because if something works for me, I'm telling the world about it on my own terms.

I suffer from mild adult acne and get blemishes without a pop of a pimple so I've been looking for a product to clear my dark marks and soften my skin. Oye is thick yet light-wight, believe it or not. I have always had soft skin but this did do my face justice, although, I still have my marks they are minimized.

The founder of Oye Shea Butter, Tolu Cecilia Oye, told me she puts it everywhere, even on her face prior to makeup applications and I was like, "WHAT, it's that light? I'm definitely doing that!" It is THAT light, smoothing, natural and glowy. Look at Tolu's glow under her makeup below:

    Tolu Cecilia Oye, @tolu_blacbeauty | CEO of Oye Shea


Tolu Cecilia Oye, @tolu_blacbeauty | CEO of Oye Shea

Tolu is my fellow brown skin babe with amazing skin so I did not hesitate using this product when she gifted it to me. This isn't just for beauties of color but for EVERYONE who wants healthy, glowing skin.

Oye Shea ranges between $5 - $10 as it is a very affordable product that is collected from the trees in Nigeria, mixed with Almond OilCastor OilCoconut OilJojoba OilPeppermint Oil and Rosemary Oil, them shipped to your beauty cache.

Get yourself some Oye and GLOW year round. You can make your purchase here.