Hey, world! We have started a VLOG that will coexist with our upcoming podcast. You can expect a lot of laughs, raw footage, dancing, BTS and BIG personalities within these new series. Get your taste with EPISODE 2below:

We start our weekends during the week in New York - despite some of our 9-5 lifestyles - thre is always FUN to be had after hardword, of course. In this episode, we take you from Thursday night through Easter Sunday in under 12 minutes. That's about 96 hours summed up in 12 minutes; we were LIT AF!

You have to watch for yourself though ;)

If you'd like to follow our friends featured in this episode, you may find them on Instagram below and look out for MORE:

Ziggy Mack Johnson, @ziggymackjohnson
Tash Yasmine, @TashYasmine
Rhyian Carreker, @othatonegirl
Stvsh, @stvsh718
Judah, @judahhex
Wax, @waxvilla
Slime, @styledbyslime
Valentino, @v.tino
Brian Prince, @brianprince
Navy Wavy, @navywavy
Dee Knows, @deeknows_
Annie Bercy, @le.minor
Taylor, @vivala.tay
Mateo Palacio, @mateoxpalcio
Cat Goba, @yoko.xuna