PEOPLE: Shaquille Adams

Meet Shaquille Adams, a budding Public Figure on Instagram, who’s style is captivating and inspiring. 

Shaquille Adams, @princelifted  by Aren Johnson, @wishmd

Shaquille Adams, @princelifted  by Aren Johnson, @wishmd

We couldn't just pay homage to his style, we HAD to know more about him as an individual so we hit him up and got a little closer. Here's what we found out: 

What does fashion mean to you?

It means a variety of things but the first that comes to mind is the art of expression through clothing. From the design process of a garment to how it's worn is all according to the designer or the person wearing it. Now, I'm no designer but I can definitely appreciate a good piece. Fashion has definitely been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. 

What or who inspired your current look or style?

I wouldn't say I'm inspired by anyone per say but more so by style eras. Right now I'm really into 70's silhouettes but I definitely incorporate some of the current runway trends as well.  I love to describe my style as "stepdad looks with a 70's twist". I also live for a good wide leg trouser!

Who's your favorite luxury designer and/or independent designer?

It varies season to season for the most part but right now I'm really into Gucci. I'm loving the direction they're going in. Alessandro is really doing his thing with the house. Everything from their embroidery and details to their vibrant colors, I'm practically obsessed.

Do you have any future goals or plans you'd like to mention?

I definitely have a few things up my sleeve for 2017. More brand collaborations and traveling. My main goal is honestly to be the best version of myself. Yes, as lame as it sounds, that's what I strive for everyday. I want to grow and learn, and keep you guys inspired.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I always have the hardest time answering this question because five years ago I didn't see myself being where I am now. I see myself still creating content for a company I love and brands alike but obviously on a much larger scale. I'd hope to be in the position to mentor and inspire those younger than me who would want to work in a similar field. If all goes well I'd also see myself working towards starting a branding agency as well. Gosh, in five years I'd be 27, no pressure haha.

Thank  you, Shaquille. You all can follow his journey and work via social media @princelifted.