PEOPLE: These LADIES wake up every day with this in mind...

It's still WOMEN HISTORY MONTH and we wanted to honor a few women in our lives in hopes of inspiring those of you reading this now. When asked: "What are your daily affirmations?" and "What's the most divine part of being a woman?" Here's what they said:


Skylar Marshai

@ skylarmarshai  |  Fashion Enthusiast & Owner of   AYA Intimates

@skylarmarshai |  Fashion Enthusiast & Owner of AYA Intimates

My daily affirmations are: "I am loved by the creator of the universe, and that is enough" and "I'm grateful for today, for now, for the in between of the journey."
What makes being a woman so divine?
There is nothing like the strength, power, and determination of a woman—because each is equally matched in how much we feel, how hard we love. Nothing compares.


Dahina Augustin

@dahinaaugustin | Owner of The  Urban Lather , handmade products from soaps to butters to candles

@dahinaaugustin | Owner of The Urban Lather, handmade products from soaps to butters to candles

A major affirmation that gets me through the day would be knowing that all my actions, losses and success will inspire another young woman who is struggling to know herself or find a deeper meaning to her existence. I've dealt with loss of self, I've dealt with loss of mind, I once felt like I had no real worth or meaning and I know how it feels to have no one to have my back in those dark times. I know everyday I'll inspire someone to be greater than who they already are.

The most divine part of being a woman would be the strength that I have. There's something about being a woman that is empowering, beyond the fact that I give life. The strength to speak up, express my self emotionally, the strength to fight, be alone.

Breanna C.

@mini_marley |  Youtube Blogger , Natural Hair & Style

@mini_marley | Youtube Blogger, Natural Hair & Style

My daily affirmation are, "I am my only competition & the sky is the limit!" As cliché as these might seem, I definitely believe that as an entrepreneur these are words to live by. In the age of social media it's so easy to get distracted by everyone else's hustle. It's important to remember that we're all hustling and we aren't competing with each other - I am my biggest competition and only the sky is my limit. Stay in your lane and keep grinding!
What makes women so divine are their infinite capabilities. We're motivated and smart enough to be the girl boss. We're strong and patient enough to bring life into this world. We're caring and dedicated enough to be nurturers. But most importantly we're beautiful and skilled enough to SLAY while doing it! The future is definitely female.

Tash Yasmine

@TashYasmine | Creator of Girl Strike, a choker/necklace line for badass humans.

@TashYasmine | Creator of Girl Strike, a choker/necklace line for badass humans.

My daily affirmations are, "I deserve to have all my desires fulfilled," and "I am willing to work for and be open to receive all that I ask for."
The most divine part of being a woman is knowing that women are life itself. Humanity wouldn't exists without women. 

Braxton Baker

@braxattacks, Fashion Enthusiast

@braxattacks, Fashion Enthusiast

My top five, daily affirmations are:
1. Grow today.
2. Trust the process. God is giving you exactly what you need practice in.
3. Keep your spirit pure, don't let anything spoil it. Let the small good of your day overpower the big bad.
4. You do not know what people are going through. Treat everyone as they are having the worst day you've ever had. Remain non-judgemental and complimentary. Simply smiling and speaking goes a long way, too.
5. You are a bad b*tch, but there's always room to be badder.

Shameless Maya

@mayasworld |  Youtube Artist , Lifestyle

@mayasworld | Youtube Artist, Lifestyle

My daily affirmations are to do something everyday that takes you out of comfort zone. If you are constantly staying in a box and only doing things you are comfortable with, you are not living. We only have one life here on Earth so take advantage of it and be grateful for the things you are blessed with. Also as women, or any human being, you should take a day and time to just relax and enjoy yourself. Whether you go to the spa, or relax at the beach or even stay in you house and have a DIY spa day.
Women are absolutely incredible being that we can create life. The fact that we are built to carry a whole baby is insane and makes us divine.



Damaris Dunn

@Damaris____ | School teacher & Women's rights activist

@Damaris____ | School teacher & Women's rights activist

My daily affirmations are as followed:
"I am somebody. I was somebody when I came and I will be a better somebody when I leave."
"I woke up for a reason. I will change someone's life today." 
"I am love and I am light!"

Shavonne Taisha

@shavonnetaisha  | Founder of  MLNNNYC , a Black Girl Collective.

@shavonnetaisha | Founder of MLNNNYC, a Black Girl Collective.

Everyday I wake up and I count my blessings, whether measured in my six senses I give thanks for all that I have and what's to come. I affirm "I am that I am...," followed by different verbs that are my goals for the day or month. Following that, I affirm, "I am black. Bold. Brilliant and beautiful." 
Being a woman is divine in so many ways. We are survivors and so multifaceted. Our lives are constantly conflicted whether by internal or external forces but we still provide love. We still love like we've never experienced pain, and flourish.


@quayills | Creator of The HYE TV 

@quayills | Creator of The HYE TV 

My daily affirmations are, "May no weapon formed against me, or mines, shall prosper," and "Thank you God for making me great and preparing me for greater." Those two saying prepare me to fearlessly take on each day and realize that every moment is temporary as greatness is yet to follow. It is important as women, and more importantly as humans, that we fearlessly approach each day and decision with confidence and move light-hearted because every moment is completed by the next and the cycle goes on. 

The most divine parts of being a woman is experiencing multiple emotions and giving life. We are the start and end of humanity as well as the propellers of life. Women are one of the most powerful living things on earth and we are important; we are divine.

Thank you to each woman who took part in this feature and I hope everyone who read this to it's entirety is inspired to create and share their own affirmations to live by.