BEAUTY: The Plant of Immortality

Y’all have been sleeping on this plant...

Aloe vera is a true gift from the hair and skin care gods. Aloe vera, also known as the plant of immortality, has been killing it from the start. It can cure almost any skin condition from Acne Vulgaris to Dermatitis.

 Aloe Vera | Photo credit: Global Healing Center

Aloe Vera | Photo credit: Global Healing Center

This extraordinary plant has a long history. It originated in Northern Africa and can grow up to 80-100cm tall. Woah, thats a whole lot of plant! The plant is said to have healing properties and was used in North Africa and Southern Europe for its medicinal properties.

You ask, “How can it benefit me and how do I use it?"

if you're running late to class or work and need to tame your hair and edges, scoop out some aloe gel straight from the leaf and mix it with some coconut oil. Voila! You have created an easy, affordable hair gel that will keep your edges in place for the whole day.

What about my skin you ask?

Scoop out the innards of the aloe leaf and gently rub it on your skin. Using Aloe vera on your face can help kill the bacteria that causes acne. It could also help to even out your skin tone and give you a minimal glow!

Credit:  Yoga Anonymous