The HYE TV partnered with Ziggy Mack Johnson and Tashiann Fraser of Girl! Strike and threw an #EPOCH independent NFYW experience at dorsett in Brooklyn.

 Tash Yasmine, Ziggy Mack Johnson and Quay after #EPOCHnyc

Tash Yasmine, Ziggy Mack Johnson and Quay after #EPOCHnyc

We hosted five, independent designers and six independent music artists on February 12th. While the freezing rain slicked the sidewalks in New York, EPOCH brought the heat. 

Among the live presentations, we hosted Bryan Jimenez, Project 96, ASNCLR, Girl Strike, Indie Brand and Qilo. Each designer came to prove why you should be buy independent over mainstream, luxury brands. Click here to see our favorite looks of the night.

After the live presentations, James Bambu, New York-based soul crooner, grabbed the mic and took us to another Space and Time. Followed by our favorite two artists from NXGN, TyBass and Fresh the Prophet, who gave us first listens to unreleased music and Night til Dawn.

We HAD to invite our favorite band mates from Texas, Nicotine's Famous Honey, to conclude our festivities. They gave us a live combination of Tired ft. Ian Olney and Bantu Knots and Boudain. We were reborn!

But wait, it didn't end there -- Kevin Joshua, an emerging artist, hopped on the mic and performed a capella! 

#EPOCH was full of melanin, social empowerment, support, and talent creativity. EPOCH was love!