Meet designer, Francess Metzger, designer behind The Woodshop.

Francess Metzger

Francess Metzger

  The Woodshop is a “luxury women’s street wear collection” created by 19-year-old emerging designer, Francess Metzger. While a student at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, Francess designed and titled her first collection, “Season 1: Arches.” It is inspired by “architecture yet evokes a sexy feel. It is minimalistic, futuristic, and its line details are inspired by the Gothic Arches.”

We had a chance to further discuss Francess’s creative process below:

  • When did creative design enter your life?
  I started creating at a young age; maybe around 8 years old. It started with painting and drawing all the time then I realized I wanted to do more. Thank God for my mom who saw something in me and put me in sewing classes when I was 10 years old. (I kind of just saw myself creating more than art, but art people could wear.) I wanted to create something that people could do more with than just admire. I wanted my art to provide comfort, self confidence and a sense of identity.
  • What was the first piece you’ve ever made?
  The first piece I ever made was a pair of pants. They were terrible but I gave them my all with the little knowledge I had gained from YouTube. I put some pieces together and made a pair of shorts I couldn’t even get into. They were bad, like really bad. The material had no stretch but I made them like a pair of leggings. My growth from that moment has been incredible.
  • What inspired your brand name and current collection?
    The Woodshop is named after the idea of building, creating, and changing. I’m not exactly sure if I picked the name. It came to me if that makes sense, it stuck so I knew it was right. I am always building, forever creating new styles, and changing from season to season.
My current collection is inspired by gothic arches. I decided to take a minimalistic and futuristic approach. I wanted to create a collection that made women feel sexy in a fun way. The line detail replicates gothic arches. My fabric choice of neoprene was specific to creating structure. Each piece can be dressed up or dressed down because I wanted everything to be versatile being that I wear my clothes that way. I believe that every woman needs those type of pieces in her closet so that’s what I created. I call It “streetwear for the modern woman.”  
  • What made you want to attend Fashion Institute of Technology?
       In the 7th grade I had to do a project. It was about mapping out my life. A house, a car, a career, everything. I knew I wanted to do fashion design but at that age it was just a vision for the future. That project made me really think about what I wanted to do and the steps I needed to take to get there.  So I hopped on Google and typed in, “The best fashion design school in the United States” and The Fashion Institute of Technology was the first school on every list. I wanted to be the best, so I had to go to the best. When it came time to apply for college, I applied to two schools; one as a back-up. As it turns out, I didn’t need the backup school and ended up at FIT where I knew I belonged.

To see Francess’ collection, check out The Woodshops lookbook today!