PEOPLE: Waydine Smith, our new Lifestyle/Opinion Contributor

Allow us to formally introduce you to one of our new recruits: Waydine Smith!

 Waydine Smith, Contibutuing Writer

Waydine Smith, Contibutuing Writer

Waydine is the newest memeber to join our writing staff and we are excited to have her. You can expect her writing pieces to consist of opinions, lifestyle reflections and poetry. You will find Waydine's work in the 'LIFESTYLE' section of the site.

To introduce her work, please see the poem she wrote about Love for us below. The perfect way to read into the New Year:

His love bites at my soul,
every touch feels like that late December breeze swiping across my face his love is refreshing, 
I take sips from his Fountain drunk on love falling into his mixture of fire and brimstone,
his love comes down on me harder than a 5th grade math teacher spitting x’s and y’s at me asking me to solve the equation,
I'm not good at math but I know we go together like x to that y,
 the way he moves other women says he's a snake I come to wonder why?
Did he slip from under their embrace? It's a shame they let all this good love go to waste.
 He says it takes a strong woman to love him, I carried 5 moons on my back while standing in the sun so I guess I'm qualified to be the one,
the one that pulls on his heart until it erupts but I'm in no rush to get to the core sitting on the cliffs of his heart until it opens and sucks me in like quick sand.