VIDEO: Amine sends Political statement on 'The Tonight Show'

The budding Portland artist, Animé, made his television debut on November 17th via 'The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon' and delivered a verse directed towards Donald Trump.

Animé twisted his single Caroline -  No. 18 on Billboard Hot 100 - by performing a watered-down yet still magical version of the hit then concluded the song with a statement in regards to Presidential Elect Donald Trump. Here we have a twenty-two year old NW native who came to New York to perform a song that hit over 150+ million streams and target the current most infamous man, according to many, in the nation. We salute you, Aminé! Three times for Portland, OR.

Here are the lyrics to the added, much needed verse below:

9/11, a day that we never forgettin’
11/9, a day that we always regrettin’
If my President is Trump then it’s relevant enough.
To talk ’bout it on TV and not give a fuck.
I’m black and I’m proud,
My skin is brown and I’m loud.
Everybody love it when a rapper tells some lies,
But that ain’t me, homie, I guess that’s a surprise.
America want to act all happy and holy,
But deep down inside they like Brad and Jolie.
Caroline divine, and I won’t get specific
Club Banana, the illest and it’s too terrific.
You can never make America great again.
All you ever did was make this country hate again.