VIDEO: DJ Nolita | Exclusive Interview

"I am a girl in an industry that is male driven...Just be a rock star and do what you want." -DJ NOLITA

The 'boomin' DJ Nolita [Nailah Kettrles] is taking her career level by level and already claimed her reign over the music culture, in due time.

We sat down with her in late October at Engine Room Audio in FiDi and let her pour out everything that she has been holding back, or just was never asked. She is the embodiment of women power within the male-dominated music industry and is taking her own route to accomplish her goals.

" I am doing it without opening my legs. I am doing it strategically and in the most genuine way possible. I am doing it the way I want and using power...I am laying down a foundation and boundaries with everyone. I believe in doing it right, always," said Nolita.

The self-proclaimed rock star evolves into something greater each time she plays. She recently had the opportunity to spin for A$AP MOB , Levi Carter at TIDAL and A3C among others. She's an advocate of change and doing what she [you] has to do to feel complete in life.

"I want to be able to speak in arenas filled with thousands of people and to tell a story before I go on without people getting annoyed. I want to have a strong fan base and have an impact on people that they can look up to me and my story," said Nolita.

Check out her feature above to her how she completely poured her heart out, and we let her say it all.

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