GIRL; she is more than meets the eyes. She has talent, passion and a fire she will not let out. once you understand the girl, you can truly admire the model.

Directed by The HYE Tv | Shot #ByAnnieBercy, @le.minor


You are watching the first episode of our new series, ELEMENTS, where we sit down with individuals within different art mediums and discuss who they are -as individuals- and how they are successful at what they do.

This episode is titled, GIRL, and features six emerging, New York models as they participate in a casting call 2.0 with us. They are more than a beautiful face and here's proof. Enjoy and catch the next episode, LENS, on Sunday, November 20th at 12p.


Follow the MODELS:

Arielle Chambers, @ariivory

Kiarah Agudo, @kiarahagudo

Calli Ella, @calliella

Lauren, @ohh.lolo

Tashiann Yasmine, @TashYasmine 

Cat, @_y0k0