ART: Emily Lyons came for the kill

Brockton, MA native, Emily Lyons nearly sold out her artwork in New York for the second time in two years.  

MAD Gallery hosted a two-day Pop Up Art Exhibit, featuring twenty artists, on Friday, October 21st-22nd in Soho, NY . On display, the queen had her signature lions, a panda, an elephant, two abstract pieces and beautifully painted derriere, which just might be her own. 

 Emily Lyons, @theartoflyoness

Emily Lyons, @theartoflyoness

Lyons sold half of her displayed work during the first night. She said it took her two weeks to create the collection in which she mostly did atop the roof of her Brooklyn apartment. She manages a full-time job yet still finds time to pursue her passion and create ART. 

That's how a Queen GLOWS!