BEAUTY: The Many Benefits Of ACV

Like Aloe Vera, Apple Cider Vinegar is another gift from the skincare, hair care, and beauty Godesss!

What we now call ACV, for short,  is incredibly versatile and can work wonders when it comes to achieving optimal health. Here are some of the awesome benefits:

Shampoo and Product buildup

Many of us, guys and gals, are addicted to hair products. Gels, creams, and conditioners usually vary. Some people are also addicted to dry shampoo and a lot of us with natural hair are addicted to co-washing instead of shampooing. Well, when you don’t shampoo and wash all those gels and creams out of your hair, you’re destined for product buildup.

Apple Cider Vinegar is here to save the day due to its cleansing properties. If you don’t want to shampoo your hair for the week, spray some Apple cider vinegar on your scalp. It will help lift up product residue and prevent the stripping of your natural hair oils.

Toner and Acne Control

Acne can really be a pain. It can occur because of hormonal imbalances, stress, environmental changes, and most importantly your diet a.k.a what you eat!

Using ACV for external and internal use is a key step to clearer skin. Because of ACV’s microbial properties, drinking water with one tablespoon of ACV a day will help fight off acne-causing bacteria. You could also use ACV topically as a toner if you suffer from dark acne marks.

Whiter teeth

Realstically speaking, we don't want off-white teeth. Especially when you are wearing that perfect shade of red lipstick and your mouth just

Never fear, ACV is here to help with whitening your teeth. ACV is full of enzymes that help to kills off bacteria and target the discoloration that accumulates on your teeth. It does this all while protecting enamel because you do not want to damage that or you have nothing else to lose.

I hope these  beauty tips brighten your day and inspire you to enhance your beauty all around. Our go to brand of ACV is Bragg's which you can purchase here.


Information Source: Skinny With Fiber