BEAUTY: FIVE hacks for Curly Natural Hair

It’s crazy how literal spirals and swigglies can grow out of one’s scalp!

The Natural Hair Movement has grown so much over these past few years. More and more of us curly heads are learning to embrace our natural hair texture. According to Mintel,  “the move to natural has negatively affected sales of relaxers, which dropped 18.6 percent from 2013-2015” (Mintel, 2015).

No more chemicals, no more burning sensations on your scalp, no more dryness, and breakage. Embrace your coils!

Hack 1: Double boil your hot oil treatment

Aleah Summerville, @ethnic.bish

Aleah Summerville, @ethnic.bish

Hot oil treatments have been used for years. This treatment is amazing for curly hair being that it helps to retain moisture and make detangling quick and easy when you are ready for washday. Just take some olive oil or coconut oil. Mix in some essential oils such as peppermint or tea tree oil.  Then double boil the oil instead of putting it in the microwave so you won’t lose any nutrients that are infused within the oil.

Hack 2: Heat up your Conditioner

Heat is often viewed as a negative and a no-no in the natural hair community. There are heat challenges circulating everywhere. However, heat is not such a bad thing when you have low porosity hair. “Low porosity hair, unlike other porosity types, needs heat for the cuticles to lift and for water and products to penetrate,” (Nicole Ezah).  

Hack three: Cut it Off! But when it’s really needed.

Why hold on to dead ends and pixie knots when they are holding you back from retaining length? Most people would say to trim your hair every six months, however, that is not the case for all the curly heads out there. Trim when needed. When you feel your hair is impossible too untangles and it feels like a bristle pad at the ends, trim it off (Madame Noire, 2015)!

Hack 4: Tea tree Oil

Do you ever just get that itch. That annoying horrible itch on your scalp that doesn’t seem to go away. That means go out and get you some tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has amazing antioxidants and anti-bacterial agents that will help relieve itchiness and product build up.

Hack 5: Satin Up!

Satin is an awesome piece of fabric that can help preserve and help retain moisture for your natural hair.  Many naturalistas use satin caps to sleep in to preserve their styles. However, if you hair can’t fit in one, slip on a satin case on your pillow to avoid having the cotton from your bare pillow soak up all the moisture and product you put in your hair.